Construction and Demolition


Are you building or remodeling in San Mateo County? If so, you may be required to complete a Waste Management Plan to meet a Construction and Demolition (C&D) ordinance requirement.

Most cities in San Mateo County require the recycling of C&D materials are part of these projects. Visit or contact the planning department of the city or unincorporated region in which the work is being completed to see the C&D requirements and ordinances.

The Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos, CA offers C&D recycling options and weight tickets to comply with ordinance requirements and reporting. C&D waste is a significant and growing part of the disposed waste stream in California.

Reducing the amount of C&D materials disposed in the landfill will help San Mateo County jurisdictions meet California’s (AB939) waste reduction mandate. Salvaging, reusing, and recycling C&D materials can reduce disposal costs, extend the life of landfills, save natural resources, and create jobs.

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